Lismore Cottage
North Ballachulish, Fort William. PH33 6SA


In an ideal world we would have no wish to collect any personal information  or to be “Data Controllers” in any sense, but there are however a couple of areas where legislation requires us to collect and retain some information.

We will always retain the minimum required to comply with legal obligations and for the minimum period required, do so sensitively and securely
All records are maintained in the Lismore House office and only accessible be the proprietors.

Tourist Accommodation Registration. A legal requirement to record name and nationality of all guests (further detail for non-UK) and retain for 12 months
Paper records only will be kept, shredded after rewired period and any electronic copies deleted immediately after printing.

Trading records are required to be retained by all businesses for 7 years by the Tax authorities. We will include in those records a minimum of information to comply.


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